Natural Olive Oil Aegean Liquid Soap Eyup Sabri Tuncer (750 ML) – 1st Int

Natural Olive Oil Aegean Liquid Soap Eyup Sabri Tuncer (750 ML)


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96 in stock

Aegean soap

Keep the benefits of Aegean olive oil on tap with Eyup Sabri Tuncer Liquid Soap. No matter how many times you use it each day, this delightful hand wash won’t irritate or dry your skin. In fact, the powerhouse of nutrients it contains will help to gently cleanse even the most sensitive skin.

It is made from 100% natural olive oil and pure plant extracts. Used to clean hands and face for eye-catching, flawless beauty. Uniquely purifies, moisturises and softens the skin while preserving its natural balance. Can be used safely for all skin types.

Aegean olive oil liquid soap is easy and practical with its liquid structure. Easy foaming contains fragrant essential oils. Inspired by the unique blend of olive oil, floral and vanilla notes, as well as sandals and musk, the fragrance profile, which includes the successful notes of traditional olive oil mold soaps, is designed.


To ensure unconditional customer satisfaction together with our employees, who are one of our most valuable stakeholders, to be the reliable and distinguished ambassador of Turkish cosmetics in the world by producing within the framework of cultural values ​​and international quality standards.


To maintain the credibility, loyalty, continuity and prestige we have inherited as a world brand with our deep-rooted past.


To grow with innovative steps based on tradition.

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